Washington DC - Dance Tour

Washington, DC

Washington DC is an excellent destination for both dance and theatre groups. The city offers a traditional history and culture for groups to explore, and some of the best live theatre South of Broadway. For an extra special tour, groups may wish to travel during the National Cherry Blossom Festival and take part in the National Cherry Blossom Parade's All Star Dance Team! Performing groups can also perform for hundreds of people at some of the National Landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial.

We at 42nd Street Tours, understand the reason Dance groups consistently book with us over other travel planners.  Planning a Washington, DC tour is complex and an understanding of the city is required for a great dance or theatre trip.  Our on-site tour escorts will help you navigate the city, so your group will always be in good hands. 

Washington DC is rich with American history and culture. You will want to spend some time with your family exploring the Smithsonian Museums, touring the monuments and memorials, and taking in all that Washington DC has to offer.