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Industry Leader

42nd Street Tours is the leader in performance travel for dance studios.  

Clear & Concise Billing

Our automated billing system is simple for families to navigate.

Flexibility & Upgrades

Families can extend their tour and add additional upgrades. 

There's advantages to traveling with the best.

​What makes us stand out?

42nd Street Tours is the industry leader for performance travel. We specialize in customized travel in the arts of dance and theatre, and we focus on the nuances of these specific groups. Our tours are 100% customizable and we create individualized travel experiences for each performing group. No two tours are ever the same because no two dance studios or theatre groups are ever the same. The value of your group's tour package, and the high level of service on location and during the planning stages of your tour are second to none. 

BACKSTAGE - Your own tour website

All groups get a centralized website for their trip with an up-to-date itinerary, links to make updates, add insurance, payments and more.  

Direct billing at "Room Level"

Studios never have to collect money for overnight tours. We make things easy for studios by accepting payments directly from the Lead Guest of each room. 

BACKSTAGE - by 42nd Street Tours

BACKSTAGE by 42nd Street Tours gives dance studios their own personalized tour website and app! An always-up-to-date itinerary, detailed pricing, and links to everything you need for a successful dance's all here!

Dance Opportunities Everywhere

Every tour features first-class opportunities for dancers.

Public Performances

Every destination offers studios the ability to add a dance performance.   

Professional Workshops

Dance education and training is a staple of each tour. 

Featured Destinations for Dance Tours

New York City, ​NY​

1-Day, 2 thru 7-night itineraries available

Disney's Aulani, HI

6-night itineraries available

Universal Studios Orlando, FL

3 thru 4-night itineraries available

Disneyland, CA

3 thru 7-night itineraries available

Honolulu & Waikiki, HI

6-night itineraries available

Toronto, ON

3 thru 4-night itineraries available

Walt Disney World, FL

3 thru 7-night itineraries available

Dollywood / Pigeon Forge, TN

2 thru 5-night itineraries available

Washington, DC

3-night itineraries available


Nashville, TN

3-night itineraries available

42nd Street Tours

Customized Travel for Dance Studios

Universal Studios Hollywood, CA

3-night itineraries available

Taking the first step is the only way forward.

Dance studios can request a free tour quote for their destination(s) of choice.  It's never too early or too late to get started.